God Remembers Them

God Remembers Them

About 180 people groups in East Asia are considered 'unengaged, unreached people groups' (UUPG). These groups lack an adequate number of indigenous believers to reach themselves, yet have no full-time Christian workers attempting to do evangelism and church planting among them. "God Remembers Them" seeks to encourage the Church to stand in the gap and intercede for their salvation. Each episode will introduce one UUPG, their culture and barriers to the Gospel, related prayer pointers followed by prayers uttered by believers. (UUPG information taken from 'The Top 31 Unengaged Unreached People Groups of East Asia' Vol.1 & 2) You can reach these UUPGs through prayers! Come, listen to "God Remembers Them," understand their needs and begin to intercede for them today!

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Day 10- God remembers them (1) - SuGuoAhRiKeZu

Day 9- God remembers them (1) - WaLaZu

Day 8- God remembers them (1) - GuiYangBeiMiaoZu

Day 7- God remembers them (1) - ShuiZu

Day 6- God remembers them (1) - MuLaoJiaZu

Day 5- God remembers them (1) - LuoPoHeZu